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Your reliable partner from design till delivery.

From the first till the delivery we are at your service. Since we have a wide scale of possible production methods we can take care of all your requirements and we will only be satisfied if you as our customer are satisfied. Please let our range of possible products on offer inspire you. Would you like to make use of the whole chain of our production possibilities or are you interested in just one part of it? That is the force of Forceertechniek Koolmees B.V.

Metal forming and pressing

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Laser cutting and bending

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Welding and brazing

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The power to be able to offer the production process from A to Z.

By watching this company video you will get a unique inside view of Forceertechniek Koolmees B.V. A comprehensive production process that starts with the unloading of the material and ends with the loading of the final product. Let yourself be inspired!

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What is metal forming?

Forcing is a method of cold deforming products from sheet material without chips. Various types of material can be used for this, including aluminum, steel, stainless steel, copper and brass. The sheet material is pressed against the mold by means of a forming roller while spinning. In the past this was done by hand, now it is done with modern hydraulic machines.

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